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Pre-Construction & Project Evaluation

While chemistry and connectivity are fundamental elements of success, you still need a solid structure for ensuring your construction project starts off and stays on the right path—end-to-end.  At Lakewood, we’ve assembled senior-level construction expertise and extracted what we trust to be the best-in-class for pre-construction services & management practices in the building industry. 

What is Pre-Construction and Why Should I Consider It?

Pre-Construction services are an investment in procurement. It involves the definition of the project which begins with site selection and A/E Services and continues on with the identification of potential issues, planning and scheduling, project scope, cost estimation, and analysis of needs for the job.

How is Lakewood


We’ve defined and developed three core areas within the Lakewood pre-construction process—each involves a robust set of standards that outweigh Pre-construction process models that other firms may be offering.

  • Listen | Prioritize
  • Strategize | Guide
  • Plan | Implement
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Pre-Construction Services

Listen | Prioritize

Where we begin with the end in mind—a cross-sectional exercise with the entire team to better understand and then lay out the goals and objectives of the project. It’s a 30,000-foot view down to the boots on the ground perspective to make sure we end up where you need to be when your project is done—aligned with your vision.

Smart Start:

Team Alignment and a Common Understanding of Project Goals & Priorities: Smart Start is the first step in identifying high-level goals and priorities including project vision, fit, feel, and functionality. Then we dive into greater detail by identifying the day-to-day and logistical priorities such as coordination, correspondence, safety, and reporting.

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Construction Site Selection

Strategize | Guide

Where we put every last detail under the microscope before we even think about putting a shovel into the ground. These are the processes and procedures we’ve refined and defined—it’s where our understanding of industry, trends, and behaviors comes into play for building better environments.

Site Selection:

When you begin searching for property to build a new facility, there are a few things to be aware of and consider before any offers to purchase are made. We have in-house professionals that are well-versed in the due diligence of site selection that can help facilitate this process more efficiently and effectively.

Lakewood has a licensed Real Estate agent on board with extensive experience in assisting Lakewood identify and select the best scenario for their specific growth needs. Let's us help you determine what your best scenario is for your growth plan.

In-house Architecture - Engineering Services:

Unlike other construction management firms, our integrated team of experts span the realm of architects and designers, estimators, project managers—all in one place. We’re able to congregate at a moment’s notice and interface on a design concept and/or talk through the nitty-gritty details with the construction experts responsible for building your project. This increased communication results in better buildings and better services.

However, there are also those occasions when you have a preference for another architecture/design firm. We get that—we’ve worked with many of the best architecture firms throughout the United States on a wide variety project types. We just know we’re capable of making the objectives of your project a more streamlined and smooth process all the way around.  Some of the services we offer include:

  • Rendering and Visualization
  • Programming and Master Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction Documents


Industry Leading 3D/Real Time Estimating: Our in-house design coupled with our customized 3D estimating software allows for a unique design/estimating synergy.  We can perform real time estimating as the design is being developed.  Not only does it allow the design to proceed expeditiously but does so with confidence knowing the project is within budget. 

Accurate estimating is extremely important so that the budget can be maintained while maximizing scope through all phases of Programing, Design, and Construction. 

The efficiency of this process allows Lakewood to spend much more time on constructability, scheduling, phasing, value engineering, and safety while spending less time on quantity takeoff and pricing efforts.


Project Schedule and Sequencing: Our responsibility is to be stewards of both your financial resources and your timeline and so we plan with the end in mind. Areas we zone in on for scheduling include:

  • Sequencing the work with an emphasis on trade production and the critical path method of scheduling.
  • Soliciting trade contractor input and buy-in to finalize the schedule to ensure maximum productivity is met.
  • Weather and seasonable conditions for construction starts.
  • Lead times for utilities, equipment, materials, etc.
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Pre-Construction Services MI

Plan | Implement

Our knowledge will help mitigate risks and avoid changes. The benefit is a unified vision throughout, ensuring you are handed the keys to a building that fits and suits your specific needs. Our experience has proven that early planning, constant communication throughout, and a hands-on team approach are the keys to a successful project.

Risk Matrix:

It is extremely important that sufficient thought and consideration be put into the unique challenges of each project in order to ensure nothing is overlooked. As such, Lakewood conducts a complete Risk Assessment for each project which thoroughly examines how to best maintain the safety of everyone in and around the project site throughout the course of construction.. The Risk Assessment to the right is an example of the level of detail we provide in analyzing potential project challenges.


We identify items such as equipment, building materials, and other items that may have long lead times that could incur scheduling delays during the course of construction.  Our proactive approach to this activity during the Pre-construction phase will have significant impact on design decisions that can shape the outcome of a project.

Raving Fan Action Plan:

We start each project with a plan of action to earn your trust throughout the project duration. We map out your goals and align them with our own personal plan of action to deliver an exceptional process and project. In essence, it’s our own personal commitment and guarantee that we will provide you with an exceptional experience.

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  • We know the challenge is in the details.
  • We know what you’re building and why.
  • We have a proven process.


  • Fewer Change Orders
  • Lower Construction Costs
  • Time Efficiency

Additional Services

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